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Zig session pack

Zig session pack

Finally we are happy to say our Pre tied Zigs are now available…!!!

After relentless testing of various hook patterns and EVA foam variations we believe our zigs are the best on the market.

Zigs can be a devastating method all through the year but especially in spring, when the sun starts to penetrate through the water column the carp will naturally exploit this. Having the ability to suspend your hookbait where carp spend a lot of their time will only put more fish on the bank!

The beauty of our zigs kits are they contain everything you need to get zigging!

Each kit contains :

2 x Zig discs containing 4 pre tied zigs

1 x EVA foam tool

4 x leads

4 x lead clips

4 x tail rubbers

4 x size 8 QC swivels

4 x zig anti tangle sleeves

6 x free hookbaits

Top tip - if you are fishing a new venue opt for a 12ft depth, this way you can adjust the height accordingly. Use a marker float or deeper to confirm the lake depth and stagger your zigs until you find the feeding zone!

If your new to zig rig fishing scroll through the product images and watch our tutorial video!

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