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At Bank Ready, we’re proud of our great products and exceptional customer service. We work with an amazing group of passionate anglers who love what they do, making our team feel more like a family. Learn more about their stories below.



Product development / Media Coordinator

Nickname - Mr Mobile 

Occupation - Nuclear Engineer

Location - South 

First cast - Age 6 

Favourite venue - Horcott, Fairford 

UK Pb - 33lb 12oz

Overseas Pb - 38lb 6oz 

Favourite Rig - The D Rig

Known on the bank as "Mr Mobile" Matt is an angler who likes to fish off the barrow keeping tackle to a minimum allowing him to move on the slightest signs of activity. Favouring large open wind swept pits with a low stock this obsessed carp angler is always planning his next session.

Matt's words "Bank ready are perfect for my angling, I'm constantly on the move meaning I will be faced with various lake beds requiring me to adjust my approach. Bank ready's wide variety of products mean I can do this with ease, giving that all important last 6ft more time in the pond with optimum confidence!

Instagram @bank_ready_


Product Consultant

Nickname - The Grafter 

Occupation - Fire fighter/ Entrepreneur 

Location - South West

First cast - Age 10 

Favourite venue - Broadlands, Southampton 

Uk Pb - 32lb 6oz

Overseas Pb - 39lb 12oz

Favourite Rig - Stiff Hinge 

"The Grafter" Danny is what we call an "everyday angler" having a fulltime job, running various businesses and a dad of 2 his angling time is hugely limited. This however doesn't stop our team member regular landing chunks up and down day ticket venues in the south, with the tendency to pick out the bigger fish Danny is an asset to the team and a prime example of how Bank ready can assist the "everyday angler"

"Danny's words" With a hectic family life and juggling my businesses I need every help to maximise my time on the bank, I want my rods on the spots for as long as possible and Bank ready allow me to achieve this with confidence!

Instagram @danny_smith_339


Product Consultant

Nickname - Secret Squirrel 

Occupation - Electrician

Location - South East

First cast - Age 18 

Favourite venue - Rowneys, Wasing

UK Pb - 37lb 2oz

Overseas Pb - 43lb 3oz

Favourite Rig - The Noodle

Georgie known as the "secret squirrel" is a avid carp angler who dedicates his time to club lakes and syndicates with hand picked target fish. With a full time job Georgie's angling time is limited to quick overnighters and short morning sessions, often arriving during the hours of darkness this doesn't stop our team member from consistently producing results! 

Georgie's words " Like most people my work occupies most of my time so I find myself arriving to the lake well into dark, the last thing I want to be doing is tying rigs in the pitch black! I have the upmost confidence in any pre tied rig I choose from Bank ready's boxes, time and time again they do the business for me!

Instagram @georgiebraginton


Product Consultant 

Nickname - The Chef 

Occupation - Landscaper 

Location - South 

First cast - Age 10

Favourite venue - Todber Manor 

UK Pb - 32lb 12oz 

Overseas Pb - TBC

Favourite Rig - Slip D 

Mark has been a keen angler for some time now but like a lot of us free time is a rarity especially when running your own landscaping business, however this doesn’t stop Mark banking chunks up and down the A303. Always ensuring maximum effort is applied to finding the right spot and locating the fish before settling down ensure bites are regular wherever he goes! 

Instagram @markywalters1

If you ever see us on the bank please come over for a cuppa and a chat about all things carpy!

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